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What I'm Loving: 5 Must Have Apps

Productivity in the palm of my hand, well sometimes anyways. But, I've been able to get my laundry picked up, my groceries ordered and delivered, and I've finally found at app that lets me know the happening of my neighborhood (Blockfeed).  

Whether it will help you be productive or unproductive, here are 5 apps beside Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, that will make you look at your phone even more. Sorry in advance. 




I've been talking about this app to friends for the past two months. Coined as the little shop in your pocket, this social shopping app makes selling and buying a lot more fun.  Where else can you run a business without all that overhead?


One Night Standard


One of my girlfriends recently clued me into this app from The Standard Hotel. Everyday at 3 pm, you can use the app to land a "sweet" deal for a room for the same night.  Perfect for a spontaneous date night or if you know it's going to be a late night at the Boom Boom Room. 



Qué pasa? Perfect if you're looking to learn a new language of brush up on one you already know.  Duolingo divides languages up into skills, each of which has a series of short 5 minute lessons.  To help ensure you practice regularly, you set a goal for how many lessons you’d like to complete each day.  Over time, it will remind you to come back to skills you have already completed to strengthen them.

Deja Vu Photos 


Remeber those then and now photos that show New York City's East Village in the 80's side by side to how the village looks now. Talk about mind-blowing!n The app uses GPS to sync vintage photographs of the street you’re standing on in real-time.  Fair warning, it's addictive. 

GIF Keyboard

Sometimes an emoji just doesn't cut it. Customize your keyboard and search for any feeling or emotion and find a gif that truly captures what you want to say. 

Ideas I Love: Painted Ceiling

I've always considered myself a pretty brave person.  But, I'm not sure if I'm brave enough for this trend, even though I like it, a lot.  A painted ceiling sounds taboo but I assure you, there is nothing bad about going bold on the fifth wall.  

The images below are really making the case for me to add some pop up top.  How about you, would you try this look?

Looks I Love: Effortless west-coast style

I know I'm an east coaster and a slightly jaded New Yorker, but I'm going to say it, "I really like California casual."  Especially, when it comes to the home.  Where casual collides with charming and laid back vibes can be felt in every room of the house.  

While New Yorkers goes crazy for urban industrial, LA people love Hollywood Regency and midcentury modern.  California casual shows how neutrals and shades of white work well layered prints and fabrics.  Plus, how mixing and matching of modern and vintage can create a serene environment.  And you have to remember, it's also about bringing the feeling of the outside, inside. 

Area rugs make a profound impact in a California home, especially ones with bold patterns and colors.  


Poufs are the perfect piece of furniture to capture the bohemian look. For a more subtle feeling, stay with a neutral color but look for something with textured fabric like this one from Dot & Bo.  Also, don't be afraid to go bold, like this patchworked pouf

From the kitchen to the living, layering, layering, layering.  It's all about mixing and matching pillows, rugs, textures, and prints to essentially create a laid back and carefree feeling.  

Great vintage pieces can elevate and add character to a home.  Like these midcentury modern chairs in the photo above and the danish wardrobe below.